All parents of Henry Barnard School students are members of the HBSPA! We work with HBS teachers and administrators to provide enrichment for our children, facilitate communication and build community. We need your help executing our many programs, whether you have time to volunteer or funds to contribute. [Items in brackets are coming soon!]
Welcome letter from HBSPA president 2016 

Executive Board and other elected positions
President: Kristin McBride
Vice president: Kate Dana
Treasurer: Liza Pinto
Secretary: Carolyn Beal
Volunteer coordinator: Cilla Donatelli
[Complete HBSPA Slate 2016-17]

Get involved

Many elected positions–executive board, event chairs, grade coordinators and room parents–turnover every year.
HBSPA volunteer position descriptions

Events throughout the year require additional volunteers!
HBSPA volunteer signup form 2016-17

Your participation is always encouraged at our meetings held monthly on Thursday mornings. There are two additional info sessions held in the evening in fall and spring.
HBSPA events calendar 2016-17

Pay what you can. Our goal for HBSPA annual fund participation is 100%!
HBSPA annual fund contribution form 2016-17

Raise money with purchases you already make!
Collect Boxtops, East Side Marketplace receipts and Stop & Shop rewards.
Remember to update your Stop & Shop rewards account for each new school year; School ID: 10886. 

More about HBSPA

HBSPA funding request guidelines

HBSPA mission and by-laws

HBSPA administrative tools

HBSPA funding request form

Reimbursement request form

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