HBSPA October Meeting Minutes


Henry Barnard School Parent Association (HBSPA)

October 15, 2015


Meeting Minutes


Attendees: Jeannine Magliocco, Meg Adair, Karen Ng, Carolyn Beal, Kristin McBride, Achyut Kamat, Bill Overbay, Bethany Sutton, Lori Fernandes, Emily Cunha, Liza Pinto, Michael Pereira, James Mangrum, Ilyssa Campopiano, Joe Hoefferle, Susan Gunter, Susan Aaron, Vikki Hyson

Principal Updates (Jeannine Magliocco)

  1. School Directory

Parents have provided the school administration with very positive feedback regarding the new HBS School Directory.


  1. School Calendar

A school calendar has been created on SharePoint, an online sharing tool. All the teachers have access to this tool, and they will include their related classroom activities, such as field trips. Parents will eventually have access to this calendar on SharePoint.


  1. Online Communication from Teachers

During the recent professional development day, teachers shared best practices with each other regarding using online tools to communicate with families.


  1. New Theater Program

The school will be offering a new after-school theater program this Fall. There will be one program for students in grades 2-5 and one program for students in the younger grades. A communication will be sent home to parents shortly with more detailed information.


  1. Fall Fest

Thank you to Susan Aaron and O’rya Hyde-Keller for their planning for the first annual Fall Fest. Over 320 people have RSVP’d to-date.


  1. Development Committee

A new committee has been formed to be hyper-focused on fund development and fundraising to build a robust scholarship fund. Principal Magliocco is looking for more parents to join this committee.  If any parents have fundraising experience and are interested in serving on this committee, please contact Principal Magliocco as soon as possible.


A procedure is in place, and a committee comprising of the HBS Principal, Vice Principal, Dean from RIC, and one teacher will review and award scholarship applications.


  1. New Office Assistant

We welcomed a new office assistant, Donna Mandeville, who comes to HBS with a lot of experience in elementary schools.


  1. Open House

This year, the school widely advertised their Open House, which is happening on October 17.


Faculty Liaison Updates (Meg Adair)

The School Improvement team chair is Meg Adair. The team has been meeting analyze the 2014 parents survey feedback. They will use this information to devise a plan. The first area of improvement is in school communication. Other future focus areas include:

  • Leverage new ways to streamline ways to communicate with families
  • Curriculum
  • Facilities


New Playground Project Update and Discussion (HBS Parent, James Mangrum)

Several years ago, there was a lot of work done to raise funds for a new Upper Wing playground. James Mangrum is a 2nd grade parent and has been working with different groups within Henry Barnard and RIC to review plans.


The school administration is supportive of a new Upper School playground. A new Playground Committee will be formed, chaired by James. The Playground Committee will be comprised of the Principal, Vice Principal, RIC Grounds & Facilities staff, at least one upper grade teacher, the school nurse and HBS parents (parents with any landscape/playground design experience or an emergency medicine physician might have useful thoughts to contribute to this committee). It is expected that this committee would meet no more frequently than once a month. Please let Karen Ng, HBSPA president, know if you are interested in becoming involved.


James provided an update regarding what current work is being done. He started working on the project in May 2015. He received survey responses from a 2014 student survey of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders who shared their ideas of ideal playgrounds. James is using their feedback as inspiration for what we can build. The students overwhelmingly asked for swings, which are more cost-effective than climbing structures. Students have also asked for more private space to play with a small group of friends on the playground. Other areas to investigate include a Gaga court, benches, and sports equipment.


There is a set of cables underground at the targeted playground area, which impacts the type of playground equipment that can be installed. RIC recommended that James contact a playground equipment supplier to draw up plans for a playground.


While committee meetings, plans and installation may take months to start, Karen Ng will email 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teachers to solicit their recommendations for any playground improvement ideas that can be fulfilled in the short-term.


President Updates (Karen Ng)

  1. Thank yous

Thank you to Joe Hoefferle for managing the Book Fair. Thank you to Kristin McBride and Susan Gunter for arranging Pizza Night, which had over 300 people. Thank you to Sophia for managing Picture Day. Thank you to Julie Richardson and Rachael Caiati for organizing the Middle School Fair, which was open to the 4th grade families for the first time. Thank you to Jeannine Magliocco, Christine Messina, and John Arango for issuing out the HBS School Directory.


  1. Capital Expenditure Request Process

The HBSPA has a capital expenditure request form. Any parent, teacher, or administrator can complete this form for a capital expenditure funding request. A copy of this form is attached to this email.


  1. Teacher Stipends Approved

During the September HBSPA meeting, the association approved the allotment of $200 per classroom teacher and specials teachers. Karen Ng sent out an e-mail notification to the teachers and asked them to submit information on how they will spend their stipend. She will collect this information on an Excel spreadsheet and share it with all HBS parents once complete.


  1. After-School Activities

During the September meeting, we recommended that there be improved communication regarding the available after-school activities. This information will hopefully be available on the Sharepoint site as discussed in the Principal’s updates.


  1. Art to Remember

This is a fundraising activity for the HBSPA, managed by Michelle Steever. One piece of student artwork is used to create personalized gifts. This is coming up in the next week, and the submission deadline is October 23 in order to have items arrive in advance of the December holidays.


  1. Apparel

HBS apparel is being managed by Emily Cunha. A big order for apparel will be made this fall, in advance of the December holidays. Fliers will be sent home for more information. Another order will be made in Spring 2016.

Committee Updates


  1. Family Activities – Fall Fest (Susan Aaron)

Over 320 people have RSVP’d that are attending. Additional volunteers are required.


  1. Fundraising (Bethany Sutton)

The Fundraising Committee had an information table during Pizza Night. They recruited many new people to sign-up for the Stop & Shop rewards program. The Target rewards program is retiring in June 2016. Amazon Smile is another reward program. Families are encouraged to sign-up for these programs, where proceeds from sales go towards HBS. The Chili’s fundraiser just occurred (to benefit the 5th grade Spring field trip).


  1. Book Fair (Joe Hoefferle)

The Book Fair raised over $1,300 for HBS, which is on-target with fundraising estimates.