HBSPA Meeting MinutesJune 11, 2015

Present: Andrea Wool, Sophia Grimes, Karen Ng, Rachael Caiati, Cilla Donatelli, Lori Fernandes, Ann Durham, James Mangrum, Jennifer Cox, Susan Lillesebbas, Elizabeth Zimmermann, Jessica Hewitt, Carolyn Beal, Joe Hoefferle, Bill Overbay, Iris Tong, Principal Magliocco, Ms Adair, Ms Borges

HBSPA Tree Plaque- To honor and thank the departing parents who have served as HBSPA Board Member or Committee Chairs: Susan Scollins Lillesebbas, Kate Bosch, Lindsey Reilly, Esther Choo and Elizabeth Zimmermann!!
Principal updates:

– 5th grade celebration on Wednesday

– Grandparents Day will be added next year

– Field Day was a success regarding weather and sportsmanship. Thanks to parents who helped out; kids showed great school spirit

– Fun Day was also a success, with improved communication so that many parents were able to arrive early and watch the Dance Party before the family picnic

– Technology at HBS

Walk A Thon money will be used to purchase 2 iPads and one MacBook Air for each classroom, as well as improving the building’s wireless access

RIC’s Feinstein School of Ed received a $10,000 donation which will be used to purchase a Chrome Book laptop cart for HBS

3 external drives will be available for teachers to sign out

maintenance on classroom Smart Boards and projectors

upgrading to a hallway intercom system (needed for safety during lockdowns)

– what a great year, thanks for all parents’ help, you’ve been wonderful!
President update:

– Providence Children’s Film Festival: Ms. Nagib has requested $200 to fund a visit from the PCFF’s Director of Programming to show some film shorts and lead discussion with students this coming Tuesday. Approved.

– Fall Festival Committee volunteers needed. It will be a fun HBS family event. Plan to hold a few committee meetings over the summer. If interested contact O’rya Hyde-Keller: oryahk@gmail.com

– Saturday’s family BBQ: we can use the gym as an indoor space as a rain option

– also on Saturday: American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life at Smithfield High School. HBS teachers will be walking in honor of Miss Kelly from 10 am to 1 pm.

Families can still donate on-line: Donate to support Kelly’s Krusaders http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR/RelayForLife/RFLCY15NE?team_id=1830329&pg=team&fr_id=65170
2015-16 HBSPA President: Karen Ng

– a big thank you to Rachael for her hard work and dedication as HBSPA President this year. Some Board/Committee positions remain open (see below)

– Calendar of next year’s HBSPA events (see below)

– note that every long weekend except Labor Day has a half day on the Friday before. (Principal Magliocco reports that these teacher enrichment afternoons have been invaluable for the teachers.)

– will improve communication that financial assistance is available to attend HBS family events through the principal

– HBSPA will send a Welcome Letter to new families in the summer

– an introduction email at the beginning of the year will explain things like fundraising for scholarships vs HBSPA activities, what is the Parents’ Drawer? and the RIC Foundation? etc
– RIC did not receive the funding it requested from the governor/state budget, but RIC has committed to keeping HBS open and promised that tuition will be raised in a manageable way

– Principal Magliocco will ask RIC to continue to provide the next year’s tuition information to parents before April/May.
– 5th grade community project: red and green safety windows are completed and patented by Mr. Arango!
Have a great summer!!