4/2/2015 HBSPA Meeting Minutes

Joe Hoefferle, Carolyn Beal, Jennifer Cox, Kristin McBride, Kate Bosch, Sophia Grice, Glenn Rawson, James Mangrum, Susan Aaron, O’rya Hyde-Keller, Nisha Trivedi, Karen Ng, Ilyssa Campopiano, Christopher Petrarca, Rachael Caiati, Jessica Borges and Meg Adair (Teachers) and Principal Magliocco

Honoring of Sue St. Amand, HBS Secretary (her last day at HBS is April 3rd)

3rd Graders’ Tribute, by Grace Gunter and Zoe Melia
The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost, recited by 5th grader Genevieve Steever
Song for Ms. Sue by HBS Continuing Strings (Violinists Abby Marion, Emma Marion, Ben Spector, Christopher Petrarca, Zoe Melia)
Principal Updates
Principal Magliocco and the teachers thank the HBSPA for the One School One Book donation.
The Principal also thanks the Parents’ Association and parent organizers for the Spring Family Dance.
HBS Guiding principles: The new HBS Tree logo illustrates the school’s 8 Academic and 8 Character Pillars.
Endowment and scholarship: Ed Pacheco in the RIC Foundation office helped establish the infrastructure for the new HBS endowment
Capital Improvements: funds for capital improvements will support small improvements like updating wall space the carport vestibule
RIC Deans’ response to recent HBSPA Tuition Committee communication scheduled for release from the Deans on April 3rd (Friday).
School Calendar
HBS Calendar Committee is comprised of teachers, the Principal and Assistant Principal
2015 February vacation- 42 children were absent
2015-16 calendar will be released April 3rd (Friday) with a full two-week December vacation and a full-week February vacation.
President and Board Updates
Voting Topics
1. Printing HBS promotional materials – Principal Magliocco
Request for $2500 to help fund the printing of the new initial HBS promotional materials as a one-time gift from HBSPA to help advertise the new brand for the school. PASSED
2. Spring Picnic funds – O’rya Hyde-Keller
Proposed date May 16. All families invited, including nonHBS siblings
Donovan BBQ = $8/head includes hamburgers, hotdogs, veggie burgers, condiments, and a couple of sides (corn on the cob, potato salad, etc.), plus watermelon and lemonade.  Will request discount price for kids.
Request HBSPA subsidy so parents pay $4/head, with the total amount unknown. PASSED
3. Spring Science and Technology Fair funding
John Arango, parent Susan Lillsebbas and 5th grader William Lillsebbas are organizing a STEM Education Technology Expo this Spring on May 7. This event will include current and incoming HBS families.
There is an approved capital expenditure request for a Science Fair:
Previously approved 2014 Proposal:
Science Fair/Science Night.
Requesters: Janae Moore/William Lillsebbas.
Decision: Capital Expenditures Committee approved $500 budget for inaugural HBS Academic Fair in the Spring to include student projects on science, geography, math, technology and other academic topics.
Can this be expended for the Spring 2015 Fair/Expo? PASSED
Additional request: $400 to include a mobile planetarium at the event. PASSED
Playground funds reallocation
Upper school playground improvement project: Walk-a-thon and other fundraising have raised approximately 60K to fund major improvements for the 3rd-5th grade playground.
  1. RIC Buildings and Grounds has discouraged purchasing a major play structure because many of the campus electricals are buried under this upper school field.
  2. RIC School of Ed will be conducting an education-based survey of campus grounds, including HBS’s playgrounds, and will forward proposals for innovative improvements.
  3. Parent James Mangrum is a designer and has volunteered to join the HBSPA Playground Committee to provide technical and aesthetic recommendations to go ahead with the original intent of a playground structure, with a more updated twist.


Walk-A-thon dates
May 8 from 9-11 am
May 7 fourth grade (due to a conflicting field trip on April 8th)
fundraising goal?
Consider a focused technology upgrade or other large budget item
Pawsox – Amy Kessler
Event Date – Saturday, May 30th
BBQ – all you can eat BBQ will take place from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Game Time – 6:05 pm vs. Louisville Bats (Cincinnati Reds)
Our group will be in the Red BBQ Tent on the 1st base side. Once the BBQ is over, we are entitled to stay inside the BBQ area or move to the Grass Berm or any General Admission seat (Blue Sections).
 *Chorus members will need to report next to first base near the field level around 5:15 pm that evening
flyer ready for distribution early next week!



Teacher Appreciation Week – Carolyn Beal
·         Monday, May 4: Teacher Breakfast cost: $0 (parent-supplied)
·         Tuesday, May 5: Teacher Surprise
o   teachers and staff receive a surprise gift
o   Approximate cost: $430 ($10/gift)
·         Wednesday, May 6: Chair Massages
o   Approximate cost: TBD.
·         Thursday, May 7: Luncheon
o   Approximate cost: about $400
·         Friday, May 8: Class Gifts (and another Teacher Surprise?)
o   Approximate cost: $430 ($10/gift)
And last, but not least:
2015-16 HBSPA Election

  • At the May 14th HBSPA meeting Cilla Donatelli, the Parent Volunteer Coordinator/Nominations Committee Chair, will present the HBSPA Slate for 2015-16
  • Return the nominations card to indicate your interest for next year

Help recruit new volunteers to serve as Executive Board members or Committee Chairs

  • Many positions need to be filled
  • See hbspa.org for board and committee position descriptions

The Parents’ Association will need a new President

  • If you or anyone you know has any interest in this position, please contact rachael.caiati@gmail.com orcilladonatelli@gmail.com
  • Consider this self-limited one-year commitment to your child/ren’s school
  • This position requires no special skills
  • The work mostly requires running the monthly meetings and sending a variety of emails
  • Come to the position with an agenda, or just oversee the well-established committees run by dedicated parent volunteers