HBSPA Meeting Agenda 4/2/15

8:00-8:15: Honor Sue St. Amand, HBS Secretary (her last day at HBS is April 3rd)

8:15-8:30: Principal Updates 

8:30-8:45: Teacher Updates

8:45-9:15President and Board Updates

Voting Topics
Printing HBS promotional materials – Principal Magliocco
Spring Picnic funds – O’rya Hyde-Keller
Playground funds reallocation
Spring Science and Technology Fair funding
HBSPA slate for 2015-16 – Cilla Donatelli
Dues Report – Frank Steever
Walk-A-thon fundraising goal
Pawsox – Amy Kessler
Teacher Appreciation Week – Carolyn Beal/Rachael Caiati
Fifth Grade Graduation – Kristen King