HBSPA 10/9/14 Meeting Minutes

HBSPA Meeting Minutes


Attendees: Carolyn Beal, Kate Bosch, Rachael Caiati, Andrea Wool, Cilla Donatelli, Spencer Dickinson, Ilyssa Grant, Jessica Hewitt, O’rya Hyde-Keller, Amy Kessler, Kristen King, Karen Ng, Manuel Cordero, Lindsey Reilly, Frank Steever, Bethany Sutton, Iris Tong, Andrea Wool, Liza Pinto, Sophia Grier, Susan aaron, Dr. Mariel Phillip, Olivia Melonas, Ik Oronsaye, Joe Hoefferle, Sandra Nichols

Principal Magliocco, Teacher Representative Meg Adair

Principal Updates:

Assessment workshop: The new HBS standardized test, the CTP 4 exam, was discussed as well as other assessment exams that our students will take. This is the test that most private schools take (from the ERB). The presentation slides from the meeting will be posted on the website. Please see Principal if you have any further questions about the test.

This test was selected because it fits our students and their learning in the best way, and HBS considers itself aligned with the independent schools, given that we are tuition-based and many of our graduates continue on to private schools. There was a suggestion that we consider looking at a test that is more similar to the public school tests in order to better fit RIC School of Ed students’ needs. Principal Magliocco is addressing this concern in other ways, working to bring in public school initiatives in order to encourage RIC to see the value of HBS to the training of the RIC education students. RIC School of Ed is emphasizing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and HBS is working to incorporate STEM with our current Tech Ed program.

Principal Magliocco is working to create a scholarship fund for future HBS students. In addition, she is working with RIC to keep the tuition static for next year (or at least as little of an increase as possible). She will inform us as soon as she receives communication back from RIC.  She is working on increasing enrollment (in order to help maintain tuition costs), in that regard she has recently submitted proposals to the RIC administration, will keep us informed once they respond.

New website will be rolled out around October 12th, was presented to faculty last week with a very positive response. Thanks to Sophia Grier for all her help on the website design!

Safety Updates: There has already been 1 lockdown drill, it went very well, during which one area of weakness was identified and has since been corrected. The teachers had a training event for lockdown drills, and that presentation will be posted on the website. Non-verbal systems of communication have been developed in the event of an actual lockdown. RI police presence has been increased at the school. A parent requested that a common message be shared about the procedures of fire and lockdown drills, so we can be better prepared to discuss the topics with our children.  In the case of an event, an immediate message will be sent out to parents, either via voicemail or email depending on the situation.

Teacher Updates: Thank you from the teachers for the invitation to the book fair, it was a great event. Teachers are working on HBS Spirit Week in conjunction with RIC Homecoming, with hopes that everyone can make it to the parade on October 18th! 6th grade fair is coming up on Friday. Teachers agree that the teacher stipend is helpful, usually they use it for technology, but they understand that the stipend is at the Parents Association discretion.

Board Issues:

Homecoming: Parade is 10/18/2014 at noon, wear your HBS t-shirt.

HSBPA dues: Last year was suggested $75 and we had 58% participation, down from the previous year. HBSPA has put money aside to help fund a new upper school playground. In addition, grade coordinators had funding to organize extracurricular events (for example 3rd grade took the train to Boston for an educational scavenger hunt). For dues, participation is the goal. Motion to have suggested dues be $25 per child (dues are voluntary and any amount is encouraged). Additional motion to have teacher stipend amount of $200, both motions passed. A participation “thermometer” will be posted, any amount is encouraged.


                Book Fair: Went very well! Total sales were $5180, profits were $1295.

Local Shopping: An email will be sent to parents with links for ways we can give a percentage of shopping sales to HBS.

Art to Remember: Now will include online ordering, fast turnaround for ordering due to holiday, parents need to get the orders in! Look for paperwork to come home next week. October 22 is the guaranteed deadline for all holiday orders, so get your orders in!

Coffee Pond: They are the least expensive option, and as it is totally supported by the parents (HBS does not contribute money), HBSPA voted to renew Coffee Pond.

Apparel: $175 of apparel was sold at Pizza Night. Inventory is really low, more popular styles will be ordered.

Additional items to cover next month:

Budget: Grant-wide event funding, Gardening

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