HBSPA Meeting 9.11.14 – Announcement and Agenda

Monthly Meeting of the HBSPA
Thursday, Sept 11
8-9:30 am
in the Faculty Lounge

all are welcome to attend
8 am
Welcome and Introduction (Caiati)
Principal Updates (Magliocco)
Curriculum Night
Health and Wellness
School Improvement Team
RIC homecoming

HBS Enrollment, Public Relations, Advertising
Tuition updates

Development and Grants

Teacher Development Day (Fri, Oct 10th)
Teacher Updates (Borges and Adair)
President Updates (Caiati)
Teacher Stipends
School Supplies
Librarian request for summer reading student photos
Babysitter, etc postings
Meetings Calendar
Committee Updates
Vice President: HBSPA Dues (Steever)
update (Tong)
Parent Volunteer Coordinator: Grade Coordinators and Room Parents (Donatelli)

Fundraising (Sutton and Fernandes)

–Book Fair and Pizza Night (Oct 1st) (Hoefferle and Gunter)
–Picture Day (Tues, Sept 30) (Bosch)
Media: HBSPA.org Website and Facebook page (Choo and Dickinson)
Tuition Committee: RI Dept of Ed Tuition Response Letter (Hyde-Keller)

Playground Committee: Upper School Playground (Donatelli)
Misc: Bus routes and shared documents (Ng)

send questions, etc to rachael.caiati@gmail.com