HBS Nurse Sara Blessing: Healthy Food Celebrations

Healthy School Celebrations

The Henry Barnard School strives to educate our children to adopt health & wellness practices, including healthy eating and protecting themselves and others with food allergies.  From birthday parties to holiday celebrations, students are exposed to unhealthy and potentially unsafe food in the classroom.  Here at the Henry Barnard School, we have students with multiple food allergies, not just to nuts.

Please be advised that effective Monday, September 8, 2014, food for birthday /holiday celebrations will not be permitted.  However, curriculum-related activities that include food not intended for celebration will be permitted with prior-approval from the principal and school nurse; and with communication of all ingredients and intentions to parents in advance.  Parents will have the opportunity to provide an alternative at that time if they wish.

Because of this new change, we will promote alternative ways to recognize your children, celebrate them, and make them feel special on their birthdays.

Here are other ways, besides food, we may celebrate a birthday and recognize a child on their special day:

  • Make a sign, sash, crown, button, or badge for the birthday child
  • Let the birthday child be the teacher’s assistant for the day; or assign them special tasks like making deliveries to the office or to be the line leader
  • Let the birthday child choose an activity or game
  • Have the student bring in a favorite book on their birthday to donate to the classroom library
  • Play an indoor game of the student’s choice

Please be aware that some teachers already have their own ways of celebrating children’s birthdays that already include items on this list or other alternative ideas.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding with this matter. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Sara Blessing R.N., CSNT


456-8191 – nurse