HBS: Please RSVP for Wednesday’s Pizza Night (no walk-ins accepted)


Please remember to join us for Pizza Night this Wednesday from 5:30 to 7:30 pm in the HBS Dining Room!

The Scholastic Book Fair will also be open.

Please note, prior RSVP’s required. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate walk-ins.

If you are interested in volunteering to assist with the event, please contact Lisa Wesner or Susan Gunter.

HBSPA Meeting Minutes – 9/11/14

HSBPA Meeting Minutes 9-11-14

HSBPA Meeting Minutes



Attendees: Rachael Caiati, Esther Choo, Spencer Dickinson, Cilla Donatelli, Lori Fernandes, Ilyssa Campopiano, Susan Gunter, Rupayan Gupta, Jessica Hewitt, O’rya Hyde Keller, Amy Kessler, Susan Lillesebbas, Karen Ng, Nnenna Orensaye, Lindsey Reilly, Frank Steever, Bethany Sutton, Iris Tong, Andrea Wool, Jennifer Cox, Kristin McBride, Elizabeth Zimmerman, Erin Hogan. Susan Aaron, Sophia Grace, Joe Hoefferle, Liza Pinto


Teachers: Adair and Borges


Meeting guidelines (Caiati): Each meeting’s agenda is set before the meeting begins. Please, no new agenda items added at the last minute. Meetings will start on time (and hopefully end on time). No sidebar conversations so everyone gets heard.
Principal Updates (Magliocco)

Curriculum Night: From 6-8 on Thursday Sept. 11th. Curriculum night will begin with a presentation in the cafeteria, followed by open house for specials, then classroom time.
Health and Wellness: The Health and Wellness Policy of HBS is outdated (from 2010). Principal Magliocco has requested that the Health and Wellness Committee help her and a team of teachers to create a new, updated policy on Health and Wellness for the school.
Carport: In the effort to improve safety and efficiency, a new system is being put in place for Carport. Pre-K cars are the only ones parking for Carport pickup, otherwise cars will be let in 5 at a time for regular pickup. Cards with children’s names will go home via backpack mail. Each parent gets a set of cards, and there is a separate color card for a non-parent on the pickup list. If your child is to go home with another family, please bring a note in to the teacher.
School Improvement Team: Last year’s Task Force for Positive Community made wonderful recommendations, and a School Improvement Team has been created to oversee the implementation of these recommendations. First, they will create an action plan (using the colleges’ strategic plan as a model), complete with timelines and identifiable “point people” for each task. This is a long-term project but will have significant impact over time.
RIC homecoming: On Oct 18, RIC has their homecoming, which is a wonderful day filled with family friendly events (such as a hayride), food and music. The HBS students have been invited to join the homecoming parade, the theme is Designing Our Future. O’rya Hyde Keller (Family Activities Chair) will coordinate a gathering place for HBS families to participate in the festival together, and teachers Adair and Borges offered to help coordinate a Homecoming Week/Spirit Week. **If there is any parent with parade experience who wants to coordinate the children’s parade march, it would be greatly appreciated!


Tuition Updates: Principal Magliocco agrees with the overall feeling of the parent community that the 10% tuition increase was egregious. She has been meeting with the influential folks at RIC in order to put a stop to any further increase in tuition. In addition, an HBSPA Tuition Committee has been formed, and they will be sending a strongly worded letter to the college, communicating the effect the tuition increase has had on the HBS Community. The letter will be requesting the following: 1) that there be a 3.5% cap on tuition increases 2) there be an enhanced recruitment effort for new students, aided by the college 3) there be a dedicated financial committee for actual fundraising to support HBS (such as grants, etc) 4) that a RIC finance officer have time dedicated to working for HBS.


Standardized Testing: Grades 3-5 will be taking the CTP exam (Comprehensive Testing Program- formally the ERB) in November. There will be an informational night for parents prior to the test (date to be announced shortly). Test will occur in November, results to arrive in December.


A BIG Thank you to Principal Magliocco for resolving the bus issue in only 1 week, and for riding the bus!


Teacher Updates (Borges and Adair)
Important dates: Fifth Grade Spooktacular (Fri, Oct 24th at 6pm), Fifth Grade Chili’s Night (Thurs, Sept 18th), Fourth Grade Green Up Clean Up (Saturday Sept 20th 8:30-11am)

Teachers have been focused on school safety, having developed a “go kit” and practicing fire drills, evacuation drills and lockdown drills. They are also working to establish a more consistent math language between grades. Finally, Pizza Night has been extended to teachers and 3 companions to attend for free.
President Updates (Caiati)

Teacher Stipends and School Supplies: there is confusion about what teachers need for supplemental money for classroom supplies. Currently, they each get $500 from the budget, $225 from the HSBPA dues, and the school supplies that the parents contribute at the beginning of the year. The decision was tabled until the next meeting, pending more information and discussion.


Playground: Money from the HSBPA was set aside last year for a new and improved upper school playground. Do any parents have experience working with building a new playground? If so, please contact Cilla Donatelli at cilladonatelli@gmail.com. In the meantime, we will send a request to RIC for benches to be added to the lower school playground in front of the school for parents and caregivers to sit.


Topics not covered today, will be added to next month’s agenda:


Principal updates:

HBS Enrollment, Public Relations, Advertising

Development and Grants

Teacher Development Day (Fri, Oct 10th)

Open Houses in Fall (Sunday Nov 16th) and Spring


Committee updates:

Media: HBSPA.org Website and Facebook page (Choo and Dickinson)
Misc: Bus routes and shared documents (Ng)


Teacher Stipends Discussion and Vote

Dues discussion and vote