HBSPA October 2013 Meeting Minutes

Attendance:  Michelle Millett, Rachael Caiati, Frank Steever, Lindsey Reilly, Ilyssa Grant, Karen Ng, Erin Hogan, Kate Bosch, Bethany Sutton, Tamara Gruber, Beth Ryder, Jessica Borges, Meg Adair, Lori Jaiswal, Cilla Donatelli, Joanna Schatz, Laura Stroud, Kara DiSandro, Janette Todaro, Michele Meek, Susan Lillsebbas, Lou Lloyd-Zannini

Principal Updates:

  • Busses are finally at a point of resolution.  We will NOW have busses even on the days that Providence has no school.
  • Field Trip season is underway with the preschoolers visiting Jaswell Farm, 4th grade traveling to Sachuest Point and 5th grade visiting Sturbridge Village.
  • After school music classes with John Sutherland are a go and may require two classes.
  • Mary Beth Cannon will be taking over the care and maintenance of the Marty Roberts Memorial garden at carport.
  • HBS hosted some visitors from Israel this month thanks to a partnership with schools .  The relationship has been ongoing via email and Skype.  They loved our spacious campus!
  • It appears that the RIC Preschool Coop will be coming to HBS.  Architects have been evaluating the space and it currently serves 18 families.  The Preschool Coop is a Bright Star Program and DCYF certified.  Potential negatives for the HBS community include parking, security, access and loss of space.  Please feel free to write a letter to Dr. Lou if you have concerns about this change.
  • NECAP testing finished and the results will be available in February 2014.  Next year PARCC testing www.parcconline.org will commence and be based on common core curriculum.  PARCC is a computer based evaluation tool.
  • The math curriculum for grades 1-3 is being reviewed with assistance from Karen McDermott-Fasy, School of Education. New math curriculum materials are being evaluated to supplement the current program and text books are being reviewed.  All HBS students are assessed in math, reading and language arts three times a year – Fall/January and end of year.

Calendar updates:

10/18 Picture Day

10/23 Flu Clinic

10/25 Halloween concert and 5th Grade Fundraiser

11/5   Election Day – HBS is open

11/11 Veterans Day – HBS is closed

Art to Remember projects are being created.  More information on ordering to follow.

Help raise money to benefit HBS! Link your Stop and Shop www.stopandshop.com  and  Target Red Card www.target.com  to benefit our school.  Internet purchases made through Good Search will also benefit HBS.

Talks are ongoing with Nanci Martin, Interim VP Advancement and College Relations for creation of an Alumni Committee.  Tentative plans for an adult only Spring event.


President Update

  • Teacher Stipends: All eligible teachers and staff submitted requests for HBSPA stipends.  Total stipends granted $6,300.  Jessica Borges extended sincere thanks from the faculty for the stipends granted.
  • Plans to structure HBSPA meetings for efficiency, keeping meeting time to 1.5 hours or less.  Thoughts for streamlining meetings include timed discussion, votes pre-stated on agenda, separating Lou out/interspersed throughout the year, encouraging direct emails to Lou.
  • Dues Update:  Approximately $5,000 in dues have been received thus far.  Fifty-seven families out of 223 have participated for this year.

Treasurer Update

Preliminary budget has been created and will be voted on at November meeting.  Capital expenditures committee has yet to meet. Currently HBSPA provides bottled water to Faculty and Staff, costing approximately $500/year.  Information is being gathered for a machine that would filter water. A credit card reader is being considered for  payments made to HBSPA.

Committee Updates

  •  Book Fair generated approximately $1300 for HBSPA
  • Family Activities updates were given by Tamara Gruber.  Pizza Night was ran as a community building event and yielded approximately $200.Family activities has created a calendar of events and proposed events.
  • Facebook Group creation was discussed as part of the HBSPA Facebook page.  This project is ongoing and moderators would be needed.
  • Dance: Tamara Gruber is chairing the dance this year.  Those interested in working on this committee should contact Tamara at  tamara@redgiantconsulting.com
  • 5th Grade Fundraiser was presented by Bethany Sutton.  A night of Halloween fun is planned after the Concert and will include costume parade, raffles, concessions and bingo!  Money raised will go toward the 5th Grade trip to NYC in the spring.  Watch for a flyer with all the details coming out soon.