June 6, 2013 HBSPA Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Lori Jaiswal, Karen Ng, Rachael Caiati, Jessica Borges, Kim Worrell, Anissa Missakian, Bethany Sutton, Rachel Colaiace, Susan Gunter, Michelle Millett, Neha Raukar, Iris Tong, Sara DeMille, Kristen LiButti, Erin Hogan, Kristen Garabedian, Amy Bach Dillelo, Mach Millett, Olivia Milonas, Paul Janaway, Frank Steever, Lucia Gillcase, Kara DiSandro

President Update:

  • Thank you to the current volunteers of the HBSPA board. Welcome to new HBSPA board volunteers 2013-2014.  
  • Will still have open positions and are seeking volunteers for: Art to Remember, Family Dance and Fourth Grade Pasta Night.
  • I Love HBS: We had some really great ideas! We will review them and consider them in the fall as part of the budget process.
  • HBSPA 2013-2014 Calendar update via Rachael Caiati: No half-days this year. We will start school August 26th.  There will be no school on the 28th and 29th.  The school year will end around June 13 or 14.
  • Volunteer Appreciation for the outgoing HBS Families.  Thank you and well wishes to the Worrells, DiLellos, Janaways, Garabedians, Gilcases, and Missakians. Thank you to Heather Ross for organizing. “Thank you to the Garabedians—who have set the tone for our generation of leadership.”-Mach Millett

Principal Update:

  • Providence Plan: there will be 5 entering kindergarteners this year.
  • A behavior plan and dispute resolution policies are being worked on over the summer and will be printed this fall in the HBS Family Handbook.
  • Field day was very eventful and very hot. Seven youngsters were sent to the nurse’s office.  One child went Hasbro Hospital. PLEASE SEND ANY OF YOUR SUGGESTIONS OR CONCERNS TO DR.LOU via email with “Field Day” in the subject line.
    • Parental Concerns:
      • Lack of supervision
      • The nurse was without visible gear that would identify her medical assistance.
      • Parents were disappointed that there no timely, informative update was shared about the incidents of the day.
      • Bathrooms
    • Parental Suggestions:
      • Having field day earlier in the year.
      • Making sure that there is shade on the field (via tents or tarps).
      • Having shorter events.
      • Giving more time after lunch.
      • Contingency plan
      • Bulletin board on the track/field to announce events and the schedule of the day.
      • Highlight with signage where the bathrooms are located.
      • Water needs to be on the field with the children, not in the bleachers.
    • Dr. Lou’s Field Day Acknowledgments:
      • Thank you to the parents for stepping up and getting kids better.  Great job of organizing and volunteering.
      • Thank you to Paul Janaway for the extra hours and effort in order to get this event going as well as Fun Day.  He does all this by himself! Tremendous work!
      • Thanks to Jessica Cahoon, Matt O’Brien and Chelsea Perry for a job well done.


  •  End of the Year Events
    • Celebration of the Arts Night was a success.  This event raises money for the HBS art, music, and tech ed teachers.  FYI: Art and Library receive the biggest budgets in the school.
    • Administration will be tightening up extracurricular.
    • Administration will be making updates to both the HBS Faculty Handbook and HBS Family Handbook.

Faculty Liaison Update:

  • Teachers would like clarification on the expenditure request process. 
    • Answer: Expenditure requests require a form that can be found in the Parent Drawer.  Anyone in the HBS community can make a request: parent, student, teacher, faculty or administrator.   The request can be for anything, but the proposals that have the most success try to benefit and/or involve the whole school. Ideally requests should be made by November.

Treasurer Update:

  • 2012-2013 Final budget up dated.
  • New Expenditure Requests: Kelly Mullally and Molly Mazer
  • Old Request: Mr. Arango-preschool loft. (See Old Business)



Committee Updates:

  • Health and Wellness:
    • -alk-a-thon was a great success.  We raised $3870.00 with about $500.00 unclaimed.  The volunteers and teachers were great!  Thanks to the Rachael Colaiace and Kathleen Hughes for their service and help!
  • Media:
    • Yearbooks will go out soon.  Thanks to Sara DeMille for a job well done.
  • Family Activities:
    • Open Coffee was a success.  Thank you to the volunteers and donations.  
  • Children’s Activities: Fun day and Field day recap.

Old Business:

  • What happened with the 5th grade proposal for a preschool remodel?
    • Answer: Mr. Arango was supposed to get back to us with additional details.  This information was not received in a timely manner.  Also, the 5th graders were charged with trying to get financial support on their own.
    • Suggestions:
      • Community projects are a good idea, but perhaps, they should focus on the greater community. rather than the school.
      • We should encourage community projects for at all grade levels.
      • If this is going to be a regular occurrence, then planning and budgeting should happen well in advance.
  • HBSPA volunteer position summaries are on box.com.  New members will be invited to include their flyers, resources, etc for their positions and events.  This will help by providing resources and a paper trail for new and old members.

New Business

  • An absentee motion was made to change the existing HBSPA By-Laws. Vote: To table discussion until HBSPA resumes in the fall.
  • Will there be a Lego League this year?
  • Parents voiced concern about the equipment being used in Tech Ed.  Is there proper safety gear in the classroom? What happened to regular newsletters from all the specials?
  • Adding to the “dues letter” a “job, talent or business line” for parents to share their interests and passions for better utilization of parent skills and volunteer opportunities.
  • Summer HBSPA Executive board gathering to be held in late June and organized by Tamara Gruber. Details to follow.

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