March 14, 2013 HBSPA Meeting Minutes

Attendance:  Karen Ng, Molly Mazer, Michelle Millett, Mach Millett, Jessica Borges, Rema Tomka, Kristen King, Olivia Milenas, Brenda Shannon, Lori Jaiswal, O’rya Hyde-Keller, Wendy Rodgers, Kara DiSandro, Kristen Garabedian, Rachael Caiati, Frank Steever, Susan Lillsebbas, Lou Lloyd-Zannini

The meeting opened with a community project presentation by Kieran DiLello, Sarah Meg Malloy and Olivia Bush.  Fifth grade students and their teachers (Ms. Hess and Ms. Percoco & Mr. Arango) have been collaborating on a project to give something back to HBS before they graduate.  They propose a redesign of a loft in Ms. Orton’s preschool class, focusing on safety concerns.  They have worked with Mr. Arango on design issues, written letters to four area Home Depot stores in search of funding, among other educational activities surrounding this project.  They are seeking $1500 in funding from the HBSPA.  The presentation was well thought out and the students are committed and  enthusiastic about the project.  The HBSPA invites them to submit a more detailed written proposal that could be reviewed at the next meeting.  Funding may also be requested from the HBS Aesthetics Committee.  Many thanks to to Kieran, Sarah Meg and Olivia for an excellent presentation.


Dr. Lou spoke with parents about the Providence Plan.  Unfortunately permission from Dr. Lucie, Superintendent, to go ahead with a lottery for students meeting Providence Plan criteria who are entering kindergarten came after HBS kindergarten screening lottery occurred.  Currently there are no Providence Plan students accepted for kindergarten 2013.  A list of children who would qualify under the sibling plan is being created.  All students currently at HBS and covered by the Providence Plan will remain.  Discussion also took place regarding the financial compensation given by the city to fund Providence Plan students.  Alternative sources of funding are being sought.  Investigation regarding expanding the Providence Plan to a larger area, including Cranston, Warwick, Johnston & Pawtucket took place and would expand the talent pool.  Other ideas include creation of a charter within HBS for low income students.

Currently $180K in unpaid tuition is on the books and HBS is attempting to collect this money.  It amounts to an extra $695 per tuition paying student for this year.

Discussion with interim Development head, Nancy Martin has resulted in permission from RIC to create an alumni association for HBS.  Further news to follow.

Project Explorations is advertising for their summer program.

HBS website will undergo renovation with assistance from RIC tech sources.

Tuition:  letters of intent have gone out and as yet there is no tuition set.  The increase will likely be in the 5-7% range.  Tuition proposed will be voted on in May.  Currently HBS operates in a deficit situation and it will be under $1 million this year.  Next year it is anticipated that the figure will be under $800K.  Ways to increase revenue at HBS include adding classrooms.  Each additional class would yield $100K to the revenue stream.

The parent survey yielded 156 responses.  The school calendar has not been set as yet.  Discussion about when RIC will open, faculty convocation, etc. will enter into the decision.

Dean Sasha Sidorkin, School of Education, will be leaving his position in July.  He will be founding dean at University of Sciences in Moscow.

Laurie Parkerson, Librarian, submitted her resignation.  Ms. Jane Allard will remain in this position next year in a hybrid teaching/librarian role.

Physical plant improvements update:  bathrooms are not finished; Dr. Lou has been in touch with RIC about this, no timeline given.  The door and window project will not take place this summer.  A second access will be created to classrooms that currently only have one door.  Doors will require key lock to get in the room and also have the ability to lock from inside.   The office suite will be reconfigured to better serve faculty, staff and families.  Rodent problem is improving with utilization of outdoor traps.  There is no evidence of inside infestation.

NECAP reports have been sent.  Staff is working on HBS specific information.  Focus will be on student performance and growth in mathematics.  Current HBS math curriculum meets common core standards and HBS is working on formal documents that will still leave the classroom teacher plenty of room for creativity.

FACULTY LIAISON:  Jessica Borges mentioned that that help with seed ball creation for Earth Day was needed.  Please contact Kelly Mullally ( ) if you are interested.  Celebration of the Arts Night will take place 5/29; more information to follow.  The Little Free Library project was spearheaded by Lorraine Downes – stop by and check it out!


O’rya Hyde-Keller, parent of a preschool student, brought up concern about transition from preschool to kindergarten life and asked about ways to learn more about the kindergarten curriculum and day to day concerns.  Discussion regarding ways to disseminate information were brainstormed.  O’rya will serve as kindergarten grade coordinator beginning for the next school year.  More information to follow.

Wendy Rodgers updated members about the Miss Representation screening.  HBSPA purchased the dvd and curriculum for the school.  Plans for a possible teacher viewing were mentioned.


Mach Millett read results from the Book Fair that were submitted by Jannette Rey.  Gross sales from the Scholastic Book Fair were $4900. Of that amount, $1240 were earned by HBSPA, $300 Scholastic Dollars and 80 books were donated.  A special thank you to Jane Allard for her assistance in setting up the book fair.  The last book fair will be the very popular BOGO and will run May 7-9.  No cash is earned at this book fair, but Scholastic Dollars are generated.

A request by Kristen Vito, first grade, was made in the amount of  $300 for scientific study and is supported by Lou Lloyd-Zannini.  Funds would be used to purchase an incubator, eggs, webcam to provide real time viewing of the eggs hatching and partial funding of a field trip.  HBSPA is not able to provide a bus subsidy and would like further information with regards to how the class plans on sharing their study with the HBS community.  This request was not voted on at this meeting.

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