February 6, 2013 HBSPA Meeting Minutes

Attendance:  Rachael Caiati, Wendy Rodgers, Lori Jaiswal, Jessica Borges, Ilyssa Grant, Mach Millett, Frank Steever, Susan Gunther, Susan Lillsebbas, Kara DiSandro

Principal Updates were read by Mach Millett and included:


1.       Pick-up and drop off are a little hairy with many parents on phones or otherwise distracted.  Please, hang up the phone before entering the circle.  Keep your eyes on the folks directing traffic and moving kids.  Don’t just pull out from a curbside parking space.  Let us get you out.  Be sure your child is in the car before pulling forward!  If you need to get out of the car to buckle one in, please, pull into a parking space.  In the morning, say your “good byes” as you load into the car.  We love hugs and kisses, but not when it holds up the flow of traffic through the circle.   Please.  Please… 

2.       If you need to get your child out early, please come to the office, sign the child out, and wait at the office for the child to be sent up from the classroom.  It is disruptive to the class to have you going down to get your child.  It’s more upsetting to have a child “missing” because a parent signed in at the window, but didn’t stop at the office, and just went to the classroom.

3.       The rumor that school starts at 8:15 is not true.  We still start at 8:00am.  I will say no more.  :0) 

4.       We will have the anti-violence policy out ASAP to HBSPA board to review and comment on.  Would have been out sooner, but lots of illness here.  We’ve been down by a couple of people a day this week, and even the subs are out sick!

5.       We’ve received the concern from parents concerning out of state tuition and are moving that upline to those who make those decisions.  We’re hoping to see it turned back, or an alternative scholarship method found. 

6.       We’ve also heard nothing from Providence concerning the Providence/Barnard Plan.  At this point, kindergarten commitment letters are out, so any PB kids will have to be slid in if others drop back.  Our sense is that Providence is attempting to find a way to phase the program out.  We’re starting the search for alternative funding for lower income minorities.

7.   Good news from the College.  The development office is open to and excited about the possibility of a Henry Barnard Alumni Association.  So, if you’re alum or know one, and would like to be part of getting this off the ground, drop Lou an e-mail.  If you would, please put the word ALUMNI in the subject line.  Thanks!

Faculty Liaison Update was given by Jessica Borges.  Celebrate the Arts will once again take place this spring.  Dates and times TBA.  Discussion regarding piano recital performers took place. 

President Update by Mach Millett included: 

Winter Coffee Hour took place and was a great way to make contact with other HBS parents.

The Brown hockey game event was enjoyed by 92 members of the HBS community.

Globetrotters:  approximately 100 tickets have been sold for this event.  Tickets will be distributed after the February break.  If you are still interested in coming, contact Tamara Gruber

HBS at PawSox will take place Sunday May 5th at 1:05.  Ticket information coming soon.

I Love HBS! flyer being formulated.  Details coming!

The length and scope of HBSPA meetings was discussed.  It is important for families to know that they have a vote on items brought to the PA.  Exercise your right to vote!  Ways to limit the length of meetings were brought forth and include possible creation of a Principal’s Forum to keep lines of communication open, having more subcommittee meetings with brief updates on the ideas and plans generated by the committees.

FREE MONEY!!!  Now that we have your attention, Frank Steever reports that East Side Market receipt submission has markedly decreased. If you shop at ESM, consider sending your grocery receipts in to the Parent Drawer.  Receipts are submitted quarterly and earn money for HBS.

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