HBSPA Meeting Minutes from January 10, 2013

Attendance: Stephanie Avila, Alana Bibeau, Rachael Caiati, Rachel Colaiace, Kristen Garabedian, Elissa Grant, Tamara Gruber, Susan Gunter, Lori Jaiswal, Jennifer Kane, Molly Mazer, Mach Millett, Karen Ng, Josie Santilli, Frank Steever, Iris Tong

Faculty Representative: Jessica Borges

Administration:Lou Lloyd Zannini

Principal’s Update by Dr. Lou

Providence Plan: School Board meeting Monday 1/14/2013  at 6:30 pm at School Board Council Chambers. To review future of Barnard Providence Plan.  Community welcome to attend. State reimburses City of Providence 3K per student; approximately 60 HBS students participate.  HBS/RIC looking for alternative funding sources.  Info about Plan found on 1) State line item budget  2) HBS website  3) Writings by Cambridge College Professor who created the Providence Plan

Kindergarten screenings: Friday, 1/18/2013

Security and Safety: College looking at improving windows, entrances and classroom doors.  Plan for lock-down drills, which are required but not yet enforced.  Teacher approach with students underemphasizes persons of threat, focuses on weather-related disasters.  Recent thefts: computers, handheld microscopes.

Traffic and snow-clearing: Some complaints about snow removal.  Carport safety still an issue, especially regarding cell phone use which is not tolerated

Student conflicts, violence and discipline: Dr. Lou stresses difference between self-discipline and faculty/staff correction of unacceptable behavior to build self-discipline. Developing an HBS policy on physical/verbal violence with range of consequences, from reprimands to suspensions/expulsion.  Policy will be vetted with HBSPA.  HBS administration urged to tread lightly with students, especially younger students, and communicate with parents about any plans in this area.

Fourth grade conflicts during recess: Most instances occur during football, less during soccer.

Suggestions: improve use of mentors and Mr Janaway. Consider playing flag football to decrease need for physical contact. Review escalation/negotiation skills. Currently on 2-week football time-out. Parents urged to report Incidents to Dr Lou.  HBS administration urged to communicate directly with parents about incidents and responses.

NECAP update: Single incident at HBS this year, reported to officials.  Despite parent-pressure on teachers, test and outcome are de-emphasized by HBS Administration and Faculty. Strategies for test preparation include getting enough sleep, having a good breakfast and approaching the test as a fun problem-solving opportunity. Effort-driven motivation favored over results-driven motivation.

Request from the Office: Please give HBS Office staff enough lead-time to print and distribute information for upcoming events. Flyer content and timing must be approved by Dr. Lou before distribution.

Calendar Committee for 2013-2014: Dean conducting a survey for parent feed-back

4th Grade Pasta Night

Date changed to Tuesday, 2/12 to coincide with Book Fair and not conflict with Ash Wednesday. 5 pm and 6 pm seatings.  Looking for 4th grade parent volunteers.  Flyer with reservation form distributed.  Raffle baskets: need coordinator and team volunteers.  Contact: Kate Bosch katebosch@cox.net4th Grade Science museum overnight: not yet scheduled

Faculty Report by Jessica Borges, Faculty Laison

HBS Book Club 2/7/13:

Currently 7-8 teachers and 12-14 parents have signed up

Need parent volunteer for refreshments, Contact: Iris Tong iris_tong@brown.edu

Dr. Mulcahey sabbatical until Fall 2013.  Questions remain regarding Art Night for Spring 2013.  HBSPA requested greater transparency and communication regarding faculty and staff sabbaticals, leaves, etc.

Heath and Wellness:

Contact: Rachel Colaiace rachel.colaiace@cox.net

Healthy Henry to be published and distributed in February 2013

“Misrepresentation” rescheduled screening, possibly in March 9 (now set for February 28).  Discussion to combine screening with family movie night or keep it separate and encourage community participation.

Loop-a-thon Friday 5/3 during school.  Need space, as RIC track will be under construction. Proceeds go to HBSPA.

Girls on the Run: 10 week session of biweekly activities to train for a 5K running race, includes 3-8th grade girls.  Issues: space.  Gender specific activities cannot be supported by the HBSPA

Resource Guide

Suggestion to compose a resource guide for families looking to participate in extracurricular activities not offered at HBS

I Love HBS:

Flyer in backpacks week in February.  At-home project for students and parents to collaborate on capital expenditures suggestions/requests to improve HBS.

Succession plan:

Parent volunteer coordinator’s form with board position descriptions for future interested volunteers.


Teacher stipends nearly all processed.  Discuss in Spring 2013 next year’s plan for faculty stipend requests.

Art to Remember $1600 net.  Boxtops $414.  Budget currently on track.

Capital expenditures: Smart boards acquired by John Arango.  Limited use without adequate training and programs.  HBSPA prepared to consider request to fund training once installation is complete.


Greater than 50% school-wide participation.  Final reminder to families who have yet to contribute will be distributed in Februayr 2013.

Auction donors:       

RIC generating letters for 2012 tax deductions for people who donated goods/services to the 2012 HBSPA auction

Family Activities Committee:

Brown Hockey 2/2/13 at 4 pm.  Tickets $5 adults and $3 students. Reply by 1/30/13.

Globtrotters on Saturday 4/6/13 at the Dunkin Donuts Center. Tickets all $16.  Deadline 2/1/13.

Discussion about organizing local get-together after the event. (will be considered for future events)

Upcoming Morning Coffee TBA (now February 1st)

2013 Spring Book Fair:

Story Laboratory

Info for invites and volunteers will be distributed this week.

Spring Dance:

Saturday 3/23/2013 at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet.  Save the date email soon.  Invitations out before February vacation.  Need volunteers for set-up, check-in and clean-up.  Keeping ticket price low.

Contact: Lori Jaiswal lj722@aol.com


Ideas: Make a plate, collect loose change.

Student Artwork provided by Dr. Mulcahey for Silent Auction at Pasta Night, Spring Dance and Open Coffee

Yearbook ads:

March deadline

Global awareness: tabled

Children’s activities:

Field and track issues for Field Day (grades 3-5) and Family Fun Day (grades K-2)

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