HBS Fall 2012 Scholastic Book Fair Results

Jannette Todaro, Book Fair Chairperson, would like to thank all the families that supported this fall’s Scholastic book fair and, most importantly, the dozen parent volunteers who made the Fair such a positive, fun, and successful HBS community experience!

Following are some of the results from the fair:

  • HBS students are ‘all-star’ readers with close to 300 books purchased at the Fair!
  • 15 of 22 award winning and nominated children’s books available at this season’s Fair
  • 77 books Classroom Wish Bin books purchased by parents during Pizza Night for their child’s classroom/teacher
  • A fund of Scholastic Dollars earned from past and current Fairs allows HBSPA to grant book wishes across all grades:
  • 39 classroom book wishes granted at the Fair
  •  Approximately $1000 S.D.s donated to HBS Faculty toward purchase of new books
  • Approximately $500 allotted to expand the Guided Reading library as well as replace books in disrepair.  There are some great additions arriving soon that the students are going to love! J  Thanks to Ms. Jessica Borges (HBSPA Faculty Rep.) for coordinating teacher requests
  • HBS Faculty decide to donate $250 S.D.s to each of the newest faculty members (Ms. Hess – Grade 5, Ms. Schwab – Grade 3) to bolster their classroom reading resources!
  •  Overall, over 100 families visited the Fair and purchases raised $1375 for HBSPA!

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