HBSPA October 2012 Meeting Minutes

Attendance:  Susan Gunter, Karen Ng, John Marion, Bethany Sutton, Rachael Caiati, Brenda Shannon, Tamara Gruber, Kristen Garabedian, Janette Todaro, Michelle Millett, Ilyssa Grant, Manuel Cordero, David Levellee, O’rya Hyde-Keller, Machua Millett, Kristen LiButti, Sandeep Jaiswell, Lori Jaiswal, Sara DeMille, Rachel Colaiace, Iris Tong, Joe Hoefferle, Wendy Rodgers, Kate Bosch, Susan Lillsebbas, Jessica Borges

Principal Updates by Dr. Lou, were presented by Mach Millett and focused on 3 areas.

Parking:  As previously advised, Barnard families may now park in Lot D (the lot closest to HBS) from 7:45 to 8:10 a.m. for drop-off.  Dashboard parking permits are required to use Lot D, and are available in the HBS school office.  Kristen Garabedian added that Campus Security includes a daily walk through of this lot occurring at 8:10 a.m. and will ticket vehicles that do not have all day access to the lot.  The HBSPA continues to work with HBS and RIC about a potential solution to parking for afternoon pick-up.  While the current situation in the afternoon is inconvenient and causing some problems as to the length of the carport line, the general consensus was that the change to the morning policy was significant progress.

Tuition: there are no updates in this area and future projections are not anticipated until the Spring.

Spanish:  a meeting between Dr. Lou, Mach Millett and some concerned parents is planned.  After discussion at this meeting, a decision will be made regarding additional meetings with Ms. Hellman.

President Updates were given by Mach Millett.

  • Teacher Stipends ($225) are available to faculty members.  If Faculty would like to use the stipend, one or two sentences describing how they intend to utilize the funds is requested.
  • Capital Expenditures committee, comprised of HBSPA President, Vice President, Treasurer, Executive Advisor and Principal, will meet to start the process.  Proposals can be presented by anyone in the HBS community – faculty, staff and parents who desire to create a project that would benefit the community.
  • The “I Love HBS” project was brought forward.  HBS students or student/parent pairs could apply for a capital expenditure grant ($500-1000 max), stating why they love HBS and one thing to make it better, which the grant would fund. Details will be developed by Mach Millett, and the board will vote on whether to approve the project.

A proposal by Wendy Rodgers was made to purchase ($295 for dvd and educational curriculum) and screen the documentary Miss Representation www.missrepresentation.org/ for parents, HBS faculty, staff and student mentors.  A vote regarding this proposal passed and the film will be screened as part of the November 7 night time HBSPA meeting.

There have been some inquiries about early morning child care at HBS.  Parents will be polled regarding the need for this service.

Thank you to Michelle Millett for updating the glass case in the foyer by the office.  Stop by and see what is new at HBS!

6th Grade Open House occurred last Friday.  Thank you to Heather Ross and Julie Richardson for coordinating, as well as Kristen Garabedian and Julia Bush for volunteering their time and knowledge.

Plans are underway for night HBSPA meetings, currently slated for November and February.  The November meeting will be November 7 starting at 6:30, and will include a screening of the documentary, Miss Representation.

Vice President Updates were presented by Rachael Caiati.  Thus far dues have been collected from 27% of HBS families – our goal is 100% participation!  If all families contributed dues, there would be no need to fundraise to continue all the wonderful programs that are sponsored by the HBSPA (Book Fair/Pizza Night/Pasta Night, Sixth Grade Open House, Reading Week, Fun Day and Field Day, just to name a few).

Committee Updates

  • Family Activities updates were offered by Tamara Gruber  & Susan Gunter.  Pizza Night was enjoyed by 295 people.  The Book Fair offered evening hours and the opportunity to purchase apparel made for additional ways to spend the evening.  Many thanks to co-chairs Tamara Gruber and Susan Gunter, as well as parent volunteers Geoff Gunter, Glenn Gruber, Sandeep & Lori Jaiswal, Brenda Shannon, Lori Fernandes, Rebecca Kerwick, Kristin Fontaine and Marilyn Sanchez.
  • Book Fair update was presented by Jannette Todaro: HBS students are “all star” readers with close to 300 books purchased at the Fair!   Fifteen of the 22 award winning and nominated children’s books were available at this season’s Fair.  Over 100 families visited the Fair and purchases raised $1375 for HBSPA.  Seventy seven Classroom Wish Bin books were purchased by parents during Pizza Night for their child’s classroom/teacher. A fund of Scholastic Dollars (SDs) earned from past and the current Fair allowed HBSPA to grant book wishes across all grades.  Thirty nine classroom books were purchased.  Approximately $500 was allotted to expand the Guided Reading Library, as well as replace books in disrepair.  There are some great additions arriving soon that the students are going to love!  Thanks to Ms. Jessica Borges, HBSPA Faculty Liaison, for coordinating teacher requests.  HBS Faculty elected to donate $250 SDs to each of the newest Faculty members, Ms. Hess-Grade 5 and Ms. Schwab-Grade 3, to bolster their classroom reading resources. Thank you families and the dozen parent volunteers who made the Fair such a positive, fun and successful HBS community experience!
  • Susan Gunter discussed the possibility of an HBS night at a Brown Hockey Game, tentatively scheduled for January or February.  Details to follow.
  • Michelle Millett provided information about HBS at RIC Athletic Department games.  Discussion with Don Tencher, Athletic Director, is currently underway to offer access to collegiate sports events.  Discussion is also ongoing regarding membership to the newly renovated RIC Recreation Center.
  • Fundraising updates were offered by Lori & Sandeep Jaiswal and Kristen LiButti.  Save the date information regarding the Holiday Gala and the Family Dance was sent home via the backpacks this week.  Discussion regarding non-HBS students at the dance took place.  A vote involving October HBSPA meeting attendees was held and elected to limit the attendance at the dance to currently enrolled HBS students only.  The Holiday Gala will be held at Cafe Nuovo in Providence and promises to be another wonderful night for parents to meet and mingle.
  • Kate Bosch coordinated Art to Remember this Fall.  Response has been excellent, with many families participating, and it is anticipated that delivery of items ordered will be in time for the holidays.
  • Volunteer Coordinator, Iris Tong, discussed the room parent/grade coordinator get together that helped to define these important roles at HBS.  Discussion about creating a binder with more detailed information for each position or event took place.
  • We need pictures!  Sara DeMille gave Yearbook updates.  A flier advertising ad information went home via the backpacks.  An email inviting parents to submit photographs to the yearbook has also been sent.  Sara plans to create a flyer for teachers with information about the size, resolution and other details regarding photographs to submit for possible inclusion in the yearbook.  A proposal to include 5th grade students as “photojournalists” at various HBS events was made.  Please let us know if your student might be interested.

The next HBSPA meeting will be on November 7 starting at 6:30 p.m., and will include a screening of the documentary Miss Representation.  We look forward to seeing you there!

HBS Fall 2012 Scholastic Book Fair Results

Jannette Todaro, Book Fair Chairperson, would like to thank all the families that supported this fall’s Scholastic book fair and, most importantly, the dozen parent volunteers who made the Fair such a positive, fun, and successful HBS community experience!

Following are some of the results from the fair:

  • HBS students are ‘all-star’ readers with close to 300 books purchased at the Fair!
  • 15 of 22 award winning and nominated children’s books available at this season’s Fair
  • 77 books Classroom Wish Bin books purchased by parents during Pizza Night for their child’s classroom/teacher
  • A fund of Scholastic Dollars earned from past and current Fairs allows HBSPA to grant book wishes across all grades:
  • 39 classroom book wishes granted at the Fair
  •  Approximately $1000 S.D.s donated to HBS Faculty toward purchase of new books
  • Approximately $500 allotted to expand the Guided Reading library as well as replace books in disrepair.  There are some great additions arriving soon that the students are going to love! J  Thanks to Ms. Jessica Borges (HBSPA Faculty Rep.) for coordinating teacher requests
  • HBS Faculty decide to donate $250 S.D.s to each of the newest faculty members (Ms. Hess – Grade 5, Ms. Schwab – Grade 3) to bolster their classroom reading resources!
  •  Overall, over 100 families visited the Fair and purchases raised $1375 for HBSPA!

    HBSPA Meeting Tomorrow, October 11th

    All parents are invited to attend the October meeting of the HBSPA, taking place Thursday, October 11th from 8-9 a.m. in the Teacher’s Lounge.  The agenda is chock full of information and updates on topics ranging from tuition and parking to all the exciting events planned for the coming months.  We hope to see you there! And don’t forget to bring in your Box Tops!

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