Welcome Back Letter & Dues Request

September 26, 2012

Dear Henry Barnard Laboratory School Families:

I would like to welcome all Henry Barnard families to the 2012-2013 school year. Returning to school after summer vacation offers us the promise and expectation of a successful year for our learners. Returning reminds us why we value this community: a bunch of nice kids who are eager learners walking the renovated halls led by fabulous teachers and staff. While the children settle in to their new classes and teachers, parents are also asked to embrace an evolving HBS faculty and staff and a new HBSPA Board.

As a reminder, the purpose of the Henry Barnard School Parents’ Association (HBSPA) is three-fold: 1) to assist the HBS administration and staff to provide varied enrichment programs for HBS students; 2) to provide educational programs for HBS parents; and 3) to provide an avenue for communication among parents, teachers, HBS and Rhode Island College administration and staff. All parents and guardians of current HBS students are members of the HBSPA. Members can attend and participate in all meetings and activities of the HBSPA.

In an effort to limit aggressive and ongoing fundraising, the HBSPA’s annual support drive is held in the form of Dues. HBSPA members are asked to donate a small fee to the HBSPA. Each year, the fee is determined by a vote of the HBSPA Executive Board. Funds collected from last year’s dues were allocated throughout the school.

In the Fall, the Parents’ Association distributed its annual donation of $225 to each teacher for classroom supplies/materials. In the Spring, dues funded Reading Week, Teacher Appreciation Week, the Fifth Grade Celebration, the Sixth Grade Open House, and Family Fun Day and Field Day. Over the years, the Parents’ Association has been able to fulfill many teachers’ capital expenditures requests for the purchase of classroom data projectors, teacher laptop computers, flip cameras and playground equipment. Ongoing expenses funded by the HBSPA include water for the Teachers’ Lounge, and printing and binding materials for The Write Place.

For the 2012-2013 year, the Dues are $75 per student. This is a suggested amount. We urge families to support the HBSPA in whatever way they can. In the end, it is school-wide participation that is most valued.

Please send your donation at your earliest convenience. Return the bottom of this letter and a check made out to “RIC Foundation” in an envelope labeled “HBSPA Dues/Parents’ Drawer” for delivery to the school office.

I wish you all a successful and fulfilling school year.


Rachael Caiati
HBSPA Vice-President
Mother of Charlie (grade 3) and Caroline (grade 1)



Name  _________________________________________________

Phone _________________________________________________

e-mail  _________________________________________________

Select payment amount:

$10  $25  $50  $75*  $150  $225  Other

* Suggested donation per student

Please return by October 31, 2012

Henry Barnard Laboratory School/Feinstein School of Education and Human Development Rhode Island College / 600 Mount Pleasant Avenue / Providence, RI 02908 / 401.456.8127

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