April Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Rachel Colaiace, Laura Phillips, Sydney Jaiswal (student/principal for the day), Lou Zannini, Lori Jaiswal, Kristen Libutti, Rema Tomka, Jessica Borges, Susan Gunter, Ilyssa Grant, Jannette Rey, Iris Tong, Rachel Kirsten Garabedien, Michelle Millet,Rachel Ciatati

Principal Update:

  • Dr. Lou informed the group that HB will institute a 10% tuition increase for the 12-13 academic year and is exploring ways to find $200,00 – $300,000 in budget cuts in hopes of eliminating deficit.
  • Also considering adding a 4th grade class for  the 12-13 school year based on the increase of student interviews occurring this spring. Classroom goal size would be 24 students and an additional class would generate $100,000 in income.
  • The HB bathroom remodels are complete.
  • An executive board meeting will be scheduled shortly.
  • Currently undergoing a search for 3,4,5 grade teachers (9 applicants thus far)
  • Working on final draft of calendar for next year. We are still waiting to hear from Providence public schools and Dr. Lou imagines the calendar will look very similar to this year’s.
  • Software Update: we are still under the $10,000 gift amount.
  • 1st grade teacher Vito-Silva’s  classroom project is complete and lunch table umbrellas have yet to be purchased.
  • 50 mentors helped create about 100 hand-tied blankets for homeless shelter Crossroads RI.
  • The HB book sale generated $900 in profit and Lauren Stanford received a private donation on $2,000 for desks and chairs for the school in Uganda.
  • Walk-a-Thon was a successful “fun”draiser for kids, faculty, parents and volunteers, making over $4,300 for the HBSPA.

Jessica Borges:

  • Reading week was a huge success. Upcoming events include (k-2) end of April poetry morning. This event may coincide with May 1st breakfast.
  • Mrs. Borges put in another request for a picnic table out on the lawn of the 1st -2nd grade playground and options were discussed by group about alternatives to the picnic table should another type of table be considered more appropriate for the space.

Other News:

Nominations for the 12-13 Board positions will happen in May. Phone calls will be made if multiple people want the same position or if multiple boxes were checked.  Positions that need to be filled include: President, secretary and treasurer. Some HBSPA members commented that clarification of board responsibilities, most importantly, meeting commitments so that people don’t shy away from joining board. Michelle clarified that there needs to be 10 meetings a year, but  you do not need to attend every meeting. Co-chair positions are an options for some positions, but not all. How these co-chair positions would vote and a discussion of the by-laws ensued. Kirsten G. notified the group that by-laws were revised 2/3 years ago.

5th Grade Celebration:Heather Ross is coordinating and she’s looking for some 4th grade parent volunteers to help on the event held on June 7th.

Security of Parents Drawer: looking into options for protecting $ that is left in parents drawer

Communications to Dr. Lou: He is asking that parents mail documents and letters allowing for enough turn around so that he can review them properly. Also looking at generating lists so that issues and complaints go  directly to the source rather than to the general school population.

Community: Dr Romani Orthodontist has a contest and if you “like”  her  page, HB will be put into a drawing and  could win $1,000. The week of May 8th kicks off Teacher Appreciation Week.  The Chili’s lunch in their honor will take place Tuesday, May 8th and the committee needs help with decorations, set up and clean up. The schedule is S’mores on Monday,    Lunch on Tuesday, Flowers on Wednesday, and Kids’ gift. Please e-mail Kirsten if you’re able to volunteer. Also, there is a parents’ coffee in May.

Book Fair: Jeannette is taking over the book fair. Attached is her write-up for upcoming events.

The Spring BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) Book Fair is coming on May 7-10 including an after school opportunity on Tues. May 8th to visit the Book Fair (schedule with specific times when classes will visit the Book Fair will be sent out after Spring Break with the Scholastic pamphlet).   This year the BOGO Book Fair takes place the same week as Teacher Appreciation Week which will provide a perfect opportunity to purchase some great books and donate the free book to a Teacher Wish list.  Or, take advantage of the great sale to stock up for summer reading, birthday presents, and graduation gifts.  Over 800 Scholastic $$ are available to make purchases from the Scholastic inventory – Jannette will follow-up with Dr. Lou and Haven to invite teachers to identify any items of interest for purchase.

Volunteers are needed to help set up, assist teachers with their wish lists, and staff the fair for classroom and parent visits – sign up at HBSPA.org and follow link for Volunteer Spot OR go directly to the Volunteer Spot webpage at http://bit.ly/BOGObookfair    Please contact Jannette Todaro at jrey@providencebehavioral.org or 300-7384 if any questions

Staff Updates: Mrs. Sloyer had her baby and Nurse Blessing is back April 15th


Big Auction items and large artwork will be put on website for people who are unable to attend event to bid on beforehand. Laura Phillips suggested putting key visual items on display at the May 1st breakfast with bid sheets and it was also suggested that the k-2 poetry breakfast also occur on that day.


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