February Meeting Minutes

HBSPA Meeting Minutes – February 8, 2012 – Meeting, Mingling and Motivation

Attendance:  Rebecca Kerwick, Karen Ng, Sara DeMille, Frank Steever, Rema Tomka, Lori Fernandes, Lori Jaiswal, Sandeep Jaiswal, Ilyssa Grant, Dino Campopiano, Rachel Colaiace, Rachel Caiati, Vladimir Peskin, Kara DiSandro, John Marion, Rebecca Sparks, Eric Zarski, Trina Zarski, Michelle Millett, Susan Lillsebbas, Lou Lloyd-Zannini, Jessica Borges

Many thanks are extended to all those who attended the Meet, Mingle Motivation Thursday night.  It was great to see so many parents who aren’t always able to attend meetings.  Thank you to the number of families who volunteered to bring in snacks and paper good for the evening meeting.  HBSPA truly appreciates your generosity.

A highly informative presentation was given by Interventionists Lyn-Su Otto and Marybeth Cannon.    Materials can be found by going to the HBS website and finding “Marybeth Cannon” and clicking on “Room 172”.

Principal Updates:

Dr. Lou briefly updated parents about the progress on the upper wing bathrooms.  The 5th grade will make a trip instead of the play.  His faculty evaluations of the teachers were really positive.

Faculty Liaison Updates:

Jessica Borges is the faculty liaison.  She discussed faculty training with the new digital microscopes.  Reading Week was briefly discussed; reading week will be April 9-13.  Details to follow.

President Updates:

-HBSPA has arranged for families to get discounted tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters on Sunday, April 2nd.  Please watch backpacks for details and order form.  We save $9/ticket making the cost $15.  Please submit your payment to the “Parents Drawer-Attn: Michelle Millett”.  Make checks out to “Providence Sports & Entertainment”.  Last date to request tickets is March 2nd.  Forms are available at the front.

-Teacher Appreciation week will be May 1-7. Kristen Garabedian will be taking over organizing these festivities.

-HBSPA and HBS Faculty have a put together a “shared” calendar, which can be found in Room 123—The Faculty Lounge.  If you have any events, important dates, etc…please feel free to add them to this community calendar.

-Thank you to co-chairs, Tamara Gruber, Jannette Rey, as well as Kate Bosch, Julie Dorsey and all the others who volunteered or donated items and made the book fair a great success.

-A big thanks to Kim Worrell for organizing the 4th Grade Pasta night and raffle, which will be Wednesday, February 15th with seatings at 5pm and 6pm.

-Thank you to Sara Soto for organizing the Paw Sox/HBS Choir Concert on Sunday, May 27th at 6:05pm.  Tickets will be for sale shortly.

-Donna Adler has sent in a “thank you” for her baby gifts.

Committee Updates for those not here today—Global Awareness has made a list of events for Black History Month, there are copies available up front and they are also posted on the HBS bulletin board out front. (Media—see below).

Committee Updates:

Media: Michelle Millett read, cover of the yearbook is finalized and passed around the copy.  Submitted on behalf of Sandra Chiang: Yearbook prices- laminated soft cover for a $23.00 per book until FEB 15th

$24.00 until March 15th, $25 until Apr. 19th (last day to order online)

Yearbook Ads- you can reserve your space if you send in payment now even if your ad isn’t ready.  I will allow trade up from smaller Ads to larger ones if space allows.  First come/first served.  There is a limited amount of space available immediately following the 5th grade pages otherwise Ads are placed where space is available.  Final deadline-Apr 1st. Web link: http://www.ric.edu/hbspa/20112012yearbook.html

Health and Wellness-Rachel Colaiace:  Plans are underway for a walk-a-thon fundraiser to be held Friday 3/30, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m., with a rain date of 4/2 on the RIC outdoor track.  If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions, please contact Rachel at rachel.colaiace@cox.net


Tamara Gruber gave a book fair update.  The Winter Book Fair saw a 55% increase over the fair held at this time last year, earning $1200 in cash and an additional 850 Scholastic Dollars.  The final book fair of this year will be the ever popular Buy One- Get One Free sale.  It will be held May 7-10th.

Frank Steever-Art to Remember, chaired by Cynthia Murray, reported profits of $1300.  Cynthia will not be chairing this activity next year.  If you are interested in chairing this fall fundraiser, please contact Rachael Caiati at rlcaiati@yahoo.com

Family Activities-Lori Jaiswal: Kids Choice Dance invitations have gone home to families and ticket sales will end March 2nd.  Buy your tickets soon – you don’t want to miss out on this popular event!  This year tickets are $25/pp and each child can bring an adult.

-Lori and Sandeep Jaiswal provided information about a special evening fundraiser being planned for Saturday May 5th at Cafe Nuovo in Providence: cafenuovo.com.  There will be a sit down dinner, dancing and an auction.  Auction items are being sought and a 50/50 cash raffle is also a possibility.  Volunteers to assist with this event are needed.  Please contact Lori lj722@aol.com or Sandeep sj722@aol.com if you are interested in helping.

Children’s Activities-Kara DiSandro:  Field Day, for grades 3-5, will be held Friday 6/1, with a rain date of 6/4.  Fun Day, for pre-K through grade 2, will be 6/6.  Teams have been assigned.  Please see the list located by the gym. Great reason to buy some HBS apparel.

Parent Volunteer Coordinator: Positions need to be filled for next year’s HBSPA Board.  Sheets are available describing the various positions and opportunities (up front and in the parent drawer).  Please contact Rachael Caiati if you think you might like to volunteer for a position: rlcaiati@yahoo.com

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