January Meeting Minutes

HBSPA Meeting Minutes – Thursday 12 January 2012 

Attendance:  Lori Jaiswal, Sandeep Jaiswal, Kristen Libutti, Ilyssa Grant, Molly Mazer, Rachael Caiati, Brenda Shannon, Susan Gunter, Karen Ng, Wendy Rodgers, Rema Tomka, Iris Tong, Jessica Borges, Kate Bosch, Tamara Gruber, Michelle Millett, Kristen Garabedian, Susan Lillsebbas, Lou Lloyd-Zannini


Teacher Appreciation Week – National Date is May 1-7.  This is a change from our current calendar.

PawSox and the HBS choir singing – is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, 5/27 @ 6:05pm.

Pasta Night will be Wednesday February 15th and a flyer regarding this popular event will come home via backpacks in the coming weeks.

Thank you to Tamara Gruber for coordinating welcome baby gifts for Donna Adler and Sarah Blessing.  Each received a $100 gift card to Mod Mama and a gift basket of newborn items.

Many thanks to the HBSPA were received from Laurie Parkerson for the set of country books and from Sarah Blessing for the baby gifts.

An extensive discussion about ways to increase parental involvement in the HBSPA.  There are a number of board positions that will be vacated for the 2012-2013 school year, including President, Vice President and Treasurer, among others.  Some changes to the HBSPA by-laws were discussed, including term limits for positions and ways to transition between outgoing and incoming officers.  An email, as well as a hard copy of the opportunities available, definition of the jobs and estimation of time commitment will go out to parents. Follow up to these communications will be done through the room parents.  Other topics discussed were reevaluating what we do as an association and perhaps downscaling our scope.

Coffee hour! A monthly social coffee hour hosted by HBSPA will begin next Thursday, January 19th  – we hope to see you there!

HBSPA page/website update – currently there is no way for parents/the HBSPA to update its webpage on the HBS website.  Dr. Lou had graciously offered to do minor updating as needed in the interim.

Write Place: Volunteers are still needed. Ms. Sloyer is assisting in Ms. Donna absence.


Dr. Lou discussed several updates to the physical plant.  Renovations to the upper wing bathrooms are ongoing and anticipated to be finished in approximately a month.  Repairs to the PreK/K playground will address the drainage and mulch erosion problems affecting this area.  Issues regarding the sandboxes are being addressed with the manufacturer.

Middle School Update:  Unfortunately there will not be an HBS Middle School for the 2012-2013 school year.  The RI Legislature limits the number of faculty positions at state colleges and the process to attempt to increase the number of positions requires more time than what is available for this year.  A report with compelling fiscal information is being created to present to RIC financial office.  It is estimated that a middle school could generate profits of $250K annually.

All HBS faculty are also RIC faculty (minimally as Instructors or Assistant Professors) and eligible for tenure in roughly 6-7 years.  Currently there are a number of teachers at HBS on temporary 1 year appointments; Mrs. Bucci (grade 4) and Mrs. Allard (grade 5) are in their first year at HBS; Ms. Richardson (guidance) and Mrs. Sanford (grade 3) are both on their 2nd one year contract.

An email has gone out regarding a number of logistical concerns relating to arrival and dismissal.  In summary, it is necessary to try to minimize distractions while bringing children to and from school.  The carport has a number of safety concerns, with a number of “near miss” accidents relating to distracted drivers.  When walking your child in to school, please exit via the office door to aid in flow of traffic.  Whether you drop off or walk your child in to school, please remember that we are a No Cell Phone Zone.  Some new security procedures are in place, including signing both in and out of the building when you come during the school day.  If dismissing your child early, please wait in the office, rather than picking up at the classroom.  Sue St. Amand is working with student workers regarding security.  All student workers and mentors are required to wear visible identification while on school property.

Plans for specialist curriculum news note each month are underway.

Discussion of the Spanish curriculum and expectations for this program were discussed.


Fundraising: Tamara Gruber discussed the Winter Book Fair, which will be held January 23-27.  Evening hours will be offered 1/24.  The small library will feature a reading lounge during the evening book fair.  This event has a luau theme and there will be a school wide Hawaiian Day  January 24th.  Volunteers to assist with the book fair are still needed and your help would be greatly appreciated!  Please contact: Tamara Gruber: tamara@redgiantconsulting.com or Jannette Rey: j.rey@cox.net if you are interested in volunteering.

Health and Wellness: Still trying to find out the status of “Healthy Henry” from its editors.  The Committee will be sponsoring a Loop-a-thon hopefully in late March.

Children’s Activities: The Kid’s Choice Dance will be March 15th. Ticket sales will be announced shortly.

Media: Just a reminder that Yearbooks can be purchase now as well as advertisements. Contact hbsyrbk@gmail.com for more info, to purchase ads,etc.


Mrs. Jessica Borges is the faculty liason for this school year.  She would like to provide information about the many exciting projects and presentations that our talented faculty participate in.  You can learn more about HBS faculty here.  A community calendar with be placed for reference in the Faculty Lounge as a resource for both teachers and parents to record events.


Sandeep and Lori Jaiswal presented two options for a spring fundraiser at Cafe Nuovo in Providence.

Kristen Libutti presented a fundraising idea that outlined for a food and wine festival tent event and additional information will follow.

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