Welcome Parents

Henry Barnard SchoolWelcome all Henry Barnard School parents to the HBSPA website! As members of the HBS community, we receive requests and information from many sources: HBS administration, classroom teachers, specials teachers, afterschool providers and HBSPANo pressure to read anything new here! Our goal is to help you track down papers, emails and other websites.

For instance, each entry under Forms and Links has also been distributed in another way. We’re even hoping that you’ll use Bloomz for your Announcements, so you do not have to rely on this site. Our Homework page is simply a link you might choose to bookmark for your children, to help them find their teachers’ websites more easily.

You’ll also find the HBS Apparel catalog, some information About HBSPA and that’s it! All six pages of this website should be accessible on your computer, tablet or phone, so you can find information from any location.